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Go Bucks! Beat Michigan!

November 21, 2013

On Nov. 30, the Buckeyes take on the Wolverines at Ann Arbor--the 110th occasion of a game that's recognized as one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time. Use our interactive timeline to take a look back at The Game, from its humble 1901 inception in Columbus to the 1950 Snow Bowl to the Urban Era.

So you can't help the Buckeyes beat Michigan on the football field. What you can do: Memorize these 10 pieces of Buckeye trivia before the game. (Answers at end of quiz.)

1. What Ohio State running back holds the record for the most rushing yards in a single game against Michigan, with 222?

  • A. Archie Griffin
  • B. Eddie George
  • C. Carlos Snow
  • D. Chris “Beanie” Wells

2. What Ohio State player made a key block on two Michigan players in the 1981 game to spring Art Schlichter for the game-winning touchdown run?

  • A. Tim Spencer
  • B. Vaughn Broadnax
  • C. John Frank
  • D. Jim Lachey

3. What Buckeye wide receiver made a memorable airborne catch to set up the winning touchdown in the final minute of the 2005 game?

  • A. Santonio Holmes
  • B. Roy Hall
  • C. Anthony Gonzalez
  • D. Ted Ginn

4. The first version of a Script Ohio was performed at the 1932 Ohio State/Michigan game. What was unusual about the performance?

  • A. It was performed following the game.
  • B. No one dotted the "i."
  • C. It was performed by Michigan’s band.
  • D. Ohio State’s alma mater “Carmen Ohio” was played by the band as they marched.

5. Which Ohio State coach who has coached in multiple Michigan games has the best all-time record against the Wolverines?

  • A. Woody Hayes
  • B. Jim Tressel
  • C. Earle Bruce
  • D. Frances Schmidt

6. What Ohio State Heisman Trophy winner played in as many winning games against Michigan as Archie Griffin (three)?

  • A. Eddie George
  • B. Troy Smith
  • C. Howard “Hopalong” Cassady
  • D. Vic Janowicz

7. What Buckeye linebacker set an all-time record for tackles in one game, with 29 against Michigan in 1986?

  • A. Steve Tovar
  • B. Pepper Johnson
  • C. Scott Leach
  • D. Chris Spielman

8. In 1973, Ohio State and Michigan played to a 10-10 tie and had identical undefeated records in the Big Ten. How was Ohio State selected to go to the Rose Bowl that year?

  • A. The Buckeyes were ranked higher in the AP poll.
  • B. Michigan had gone the year before.
  • C. A vote of Big Ten athletic directors gave the bid to Ohio State.
  • D. Ohio State had scored more overall points during the season.

9. In the 1958 game, what Ohio State defensive player stopped Michigan’s Brad Myers near the goal line on fourth down, preventing a likely winning touchdown for the Wolverines in the game’s final minute?

  • A. Dick Schafrath
  • B. Dick LeBeau
  • C. Jim Marshall
  • D. Jim Parker

10. Following an upset loss to Michigan in 1969, what did Coach Woody Hayes have made to make sure his players remembered that defeat?

  • A. A movie of the loss, screened for the team the night before the next Michigan game.
  • B. T-shirts that he passed out to the players at summer conditioning drills.
  • C. Buttons for the team captains, showing the score.
  • D. A rug with the score, placed outside the dressing room so that the players walked on it every day as they headed to and from practice.


1. D

2. B

3. C

4. C

5. B

6. B

7. D

8. C

9. A

10. D