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"The heart of innovation"

October 31, 2014

In his first University Address, President Michael V. Drake discusses what it means to be a leading land-grant university in the 21st century.

On Thursday, Oct. 30, President Michael V. Drake, MD, delivered his first University Address during a meeting of the University Senate. As the 15th president of The Ohio State University, Dr. Drake reminded the university community of its modern land-grant mission and shared his vision for Ohio State’s continued ascendancy.

"We need to work together, in the coming weeks and months, to refine our mission of what it means to be the exemplar of a land-grant university in the 21st century,” Dr. Drake said. “From the days of Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers, Ohio has been the heart of innovation. From Jesse Owens to John Glenn, Buckeyes have been the fastest on the surface of the Earth, and the first to orbit it in space. Inspiration and brain power have taken us from candles to light bulbs and from railways to the skies. And now, at Ohio State, we are moving from the status quo to sustainable, from cancer to a cure and from outstanding to exemplary."

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