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Celebrating #BuckeyeLove

January 30, 2015

Whether it’s choosing the perfect major, providing life-saving medical care or being part of a long-standing tradition, there are many ways to find Buckeye love at Ohio State. Here are 14 reasons to love Ohio State.

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Fourteen reasons to love Ohio State:

1. We love our students — the new class is super smart. With more than 42,000 applicants, with admitted students hailing from all 88 Ohio counties, 49 states and 33 countries, Ohio State welcomed one of its most outstanding first-year classes in university history. 

2. Students love getting involved. With more than 1,100 student organizations on campus, Buckeyes find ways to pay forward, become leaders and so much more.

3. From the beauty of the Oval to new high-tech spaces, like the new home of the James Cancer Hospital, Buckeyes — young and old — love campus. Places like University Hall and Orton Hall’s chimes will always be campus favorites, but in the past few years, Buckeyes have come to love new campus landmarks like the Ohio Union, CBEC and Thompson Library.

4. #BuckeyeLove comes from the heart, literally, for grateful patients and their talented physicians and caretakers. Ohio State’s heart and vascular experts at the Ross Heart Hospital offer the best care in central Ohio. 

5. Just as President Drake said in his first University Address, “Ohio has been the heart of innovation.” And a lot of that comes from the great work done by Ohio State’s faculty. From researchers passionate about changing the world to professors passionate about shaping higher education, Ohio State is full of faculty who love what they do.

6. Our beloved football team just brought a national championship title back to Columbus, and all of Buckeye Nation loved it. We’ve cheered on the marching band as it performed halftime shows that garnered more than 1 million views on YouTube. One thing is sure:
Buckeyes are proud.

7. Speaking of pride, we have more than 500,000 living alumni across the world. #BuckeyeLove means lifelong friendship, and it all begins at Ohio State.

8. Ohio State loves working to change the world through research. In 1978, food science professors perfected the Drumstick. And, in a surgical procedure at the Wexner Medical Center in 2014, Dr. Ali Rezai used groundbreaking Neurobridge technology to help a paralyzed patient control hand movement with his thoughts.

9. Ohio State has a love for community and partnerships, and the whole city of Columbus gets behind the university. The Urban Arts Space works with Ohio State students to serve as a professional launching pad in the arts community, and Pelotonia rallies supporters from Columbus and beyond to raise money for cancer research.

10. Ohio State’s staff often works behind the scenes — leading and serving the university they love. From fundraising to scheduling classrooms, leaders can be found everywhere
at Ohio State

11. Buckeyes love being global! Just search our #BuckeyesAbroad hashtag on Twitter, and you will see study abroad trips, internships, research projects and more. Committed to global partnerships, Ohio State has opened Global Gateways in China, India and Brazil.

12. Buckeyes give in big ways because they love Ohio State’s mission and the impact it has on lives. Buckeyes give to support student scholarships and research. Buckeyes give their time by volunteering with the Alumni Association or at a student day of service. However Buckeyes give, they do so to make a difference in the world.

13. At the College of Veterinary Medicine, everyone from researchers to students to staff works to create healthier lives for the animals in our world. In September 2014, the college broke ground on a new enhancement and expansion to provide top-notch care for the companions in our lives.

14. From strolling down the Long Walk with a loved one to testing out the Whisper Wall, campus is full of hidden gems that Buckeyes remember years after they leave campus. Campus is rich in details and memories that Buckeyes carry with them for life.

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