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Advice for Buckeye beginners

March 12, 2018

Visiting the Columbus campus this summer? Here’s some essential info.


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Whether you agonized over where to go to college or always knew you were destined to wear scarlet and gray, preparing for your arrival on campus can be a bit nerve-wracking — but fear not! This is your guide to being a brand-new Buckeye.

  1. Experience Buckeye pride.
    From singing “Carmen Ohio” with your fellow Buckeyes to forming the perfect O-H-I-O, at orientation you’ll learn about the timeless traditions that abound at Ohio State. Download the Ohio State app and check out Buckeye Stroll to learn about the history behind major campus landmarks.

  2. Ask for help.

    Buckeyes believe in helping each other succeed, and First Year Experience staff, academic advisors, Buckeye Link staff and fellow students are great resources. You also can find a wealth of information online, including orientation preparation materials and the First Things First blog.

  3. Lace up your sneakers — or take the bus.
    At 1,664 acres, the Columbus campus is sprawling, and woe to the student (or parent) whose footwear is more fashionable than functional.

    Remember that Ohio State app you downloaded? This is where it really comes in handy. It’s at your service with features such as an interactive campus map and a real-time bus locator. After orientation, use it to access your class schedule, grades and BuckID data.

  4. Discover some hidden gems.

    Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens boasts quiet respite from the rest of campus.
    The Knowlton School of Architecture offers great views of campus.
    Whisper a secret to a confidante on the curved steps of the Wexner Center for the Arts on College Road.
    Dine al fresco in Browning Amphitheatre on a beautiful day.
    University Museum features Buckeye memorabilia and artifacts.

    The beauty of campus isn’t limited to just the Oval. Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens offers quiet respite from the rest of campus, while the rooftop garden at the Knowlton School of Architecture boasts great views of campus. Whisper a secret to a confidante on the “whispering arch” of Hayes Hall, or take a stroll through Buckeye Grove.

  5. Let's get digital.
    This year we’re launching our largest learning technology partnership in history. Thanks to our Digital Flagship initiative, all first-year students will receive an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard when they arrive on campus. This partnership with Apple gives you access to emerging technology, supports your educational innovation and promotes your career readiness.

    Did we mention the free iPads and other Apple products? Just making sure…

  6. Explore the capital city.

    Columbus enjoys cheering for its professional NHL team.
    The Short North Arts District features fantastic gallery hops once a month.
    Our local zookeeper is a celebrity conservationist.
    Downtown Columbus

    Columbus is the 15th largest city in the United States, brimming with diversity and inclusive communities among the nearly 2 million people who live in the metropolitan area.

    Columbus enjoys cheering for the Buckeyes but also the Columbus Clippers and the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Short North Arts District just a few blocks south of campus features fantastic gallery hops once a month. Our local zookeeper is a celebrity conservationist, and COSI Columbus has been wowing visitors for 50 years.

    Want to experience all of this on a college student’s budget? D-Tix makes it possible.

  7. Be social.
    Joining in on the Buckeye Nation social media community is a fun way to connect with Ohio State students, faculty, fans and friends on campus and around the world. Share your early experiences on campus with #new2OSU on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow @OhioStateFYE and @OhioState on Twitter, like Ohio State on Facebook and check out our Instagram account for daily doses of Buckeye Pride.

    In short, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. What are you most excited for, because there’s a LOT to choose from.

    Ohio State has so much to offer you. So tap into everything that’s at your fingertips. Especially that new iPad!