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Getting a head start on success

July 30, 2018

Ohio State students have numerous ways to get a jump on their careers.

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Achieving professional success is about more than your expertise in a particular field of study. There are any number of other elements to consider – things that can make or break your ability to establish and be successful in a career. 

Ohio State faculty and alumni have been down this path before and in many cases they’ve conquered it. A collection of these folks recently shared their insight into resources and tips that can help you enjoy the success you’ve always imagined.

Brooklyn McDaniels Brooklyn McDaniels started a job with the National Football League after graduating from Ohio State.

Make yourself a great job candidate now

Getting a great job doesn’t have to start once you have your diploma in hand. There are things you can do during your time at Ohio State that will make you a more attractive candidate.

Recent grad Brooklyn McDaniels went straight from Ohio State to a role in the National Football League’s Rotational Program. She said she started creating that path in her first year at the university. “As a freshman, I sought out people who were impressive to me,” she says. “I asked them about their paths, their Buck-I-SERV trips. I made a list of things I could go after.”

Vikas Munjal, who is working at the National Institutes of Health, said he leveraged relationships at Ohio State to hone in on the type of medicine he wanted to pursue.

“(I was) constantly talking to professionals, meeting outside the classroom and going to lectures and seminars,” he says. “I also job shadowed a bunch. Have that confidence in the beginning: I will would be a really good fit.

“If they don’t respond, eh, on to the next one. It’s no big deal. There is no harm in trying."

Dress for success

When Ohio State students graduate and are ready for professional life, they may not have a wardrobe that matches their intellect. That’s where Ohio State’s Career Closet can help. The Student Life program accepts donations from the university community, then offers them for free to students who are looking to up their fashion game for a professional workplace.

Build your brand

You can start clearly crafting who you are and what you want to accomplish before you leave Ohio State. Fisher College of Business faculty Lawrence Inks said building your personal brand starts with reflection. “Identifying that brand requires honest self-reflection . . . Consider your values and your passions,” he said. “Personal branding is really you defining for other people what you stand for, what you’d be like to work with.” Inks shared more tips in the most recent edition of Ohio State Alumni Magazine.”

Own the network

Ohio State grads step into a world of ready-made opportunity and assistance. From career coaching, to local alumni groups and a job board for folks looking for their next opportunity, the Ohio State network is an opportunity to be leveraged. Read more about making the network work for you.