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Playlist celebrates Latinx culture

October 11, 2019

Professors’ selections honor National Hispanic Heritage Month

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Need something different to listen to while you study or work out this week?

Professors from Ohio State’s College of Arts and Sciences put together this playlist in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month to celebrate artists and cultural icons.


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Frederick Luis Aldama

Ohio State faculty member Frederick Luis Aldama

Distinguished University Professor Frederick Luis Aldama teaches courses on Latino and Latin American cultural phenomena, including literature, film, television, music, sports, video games and comic books.

Distinguished University Professor Frederick Luis Aldama’s picks ranged from Santana at Woodstock 50 years ago to the 2017 global hit Despacito, dropping in some hip-hop in between. (Hey, we would expect nothing less from the founder of Ohio State’s LASER program and SÕL-CON.)


Eugenia Costa-Giomi

Ohio State faculty member Eugenia Costa-Giomi

Eugenia Costa-Giomi's areas of expertise are in music education, music perception and cognition in childhood and the non-musical benefits of music instruction.

Eugenia Costa-Giomi, a professor in the School of Music, selected compositions performed as part of the Latin American Music Celebration this month.


Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Ohio State faculty member Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Paloma Martinez-Cruz is an associate professor of Latino/a cultural and literary studies, teaching courses on gender and sexuality studies, performance and popular culture in Latin American and Latinx cultures.

And Paloma Martinez-Cruz, an associate professor of Latino/a cultural and literary studies whose latest book takes a bite out of inauthentic “Mexican” restaurants, dishes up a bit of soul and spoken word in her selections. 


To learn more about the faculty members who created the playlist and the songs themselves, check out this piece — and rock on.