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Casey Cascaldo
Photo editor, The Lantern

Major: Political science, School of Communication

Job: Photo editor, The Lantern

When Ohio State’s football team beat Penn State 27-26 in thrilling fashion in 2018, it was the “craziest” football game Casey Cascaldo had ever witnessed. And he caught it all on camera.

“To be in the middle of that was unreal,” said Cascaldo, who became the photo editor for student newspaper The Lantern just a month earlier. “I wouldn’t be able to do this anywhere else.”

Cascaldo’s close-up view of the Buckeyes is part of a hectic workload of coordinating with editors, managing photographers and snapping tons of photos. He covers concerts, political rallies, campus events and plenty of sports, which means long Saturdays during football season.

“We’re there for all the pregame festivities, and we don’t miss a minute of the game,” Cascaldo said. “We take over a thousand pictures. It’s pretty demanding and time consuming, but the adrenaline of the game is so much fun."

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