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Talent is everywhere. Shouldn’t the path to college be, too?

February 21, 2020

Ohio State President Michael V. Drake outlines the steps taken by the university to make a college education more attainable.

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More people have the opportunity to receive an Ohio State education than ever before.

As President Michael V. Drake explains in this Minute Professor video, people across Ohio State are working on initiatives and plans that support access, affordability and excellence.

These are more than campus buzzwords: Access, affordability and excellence open up pathways for students and their ambitions.

Looking for more details on what President Drake is talking about?

Forging opportunities

Creating greater access to education has been a strategic priority at Ohio State, and the university also is helping to lead this effort nationally as a founding member of several collaborations, including the American Talent Initiative.

The initiative is committed to enrolling an additional 50,000 highly talented, low- and moderate-income students at U.S. colleges and universities. Its latest report identifies Ohio State as among the top institutions for growth in this area.

And more of these students are earning their degrees.

Graduation rates for Pell-eligible students have increased 30% since 2014 at public research institutions taking part in the University Innovation Alliance. We are proud to be part of this national effort.

Expanding financial aid

More than 40,000 students have benefited from Ohio State’s focus on additional aid programs established or expanded since 2015. During this time, we’ve committed to increasing financial aid for low- to moderate-income Ohioans by $200 million. There are so many grants and programs available to potential Buckeyes. For example:

  • The President’s Affordability Grant awards up to $2,250 each year in extra support to approximately 15,000 low- and moderate-income Ohio students.
  • The Buckeye Opportunity Program ensures that Ohio students who qualify for Pell Grants receive an aid package that covers the full cost of tuition and mandatory fees.
  • Land Grant Opportunity Scholarships are awarded to up to 176 Ohio students each year, with an attempt made to award two students from each of the state’s 88 counties. 

The Ohio State tuition guarantee

For every incoming class of first-year Ohio students, we set a rate for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board — and we freeze those rates for four years.

By doing so, we provide students and their families with a certainty about the cost of a four-year degree.

We also are forever expanding our support of active members of the military, veterans and their immediate families. That’s why we offer in-state tuition rates to members of the military (active or veteran) and their families — regardless of where they live.

Learn more about Ohio State’s commitment to access, affordability and excellence.