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What's your why?

August 21, 2020

Ohio State students are dedicated to keeping their campus communities safe and healthy.

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Ohio State students, faculty and staff are doing their part to follow COVID-19 safe and healthy guidelines. They’re masking up. Washing their hands. Keeping their distance. Why? They’re Buckeyes. Caring about people and communities is what they do.

Here are some reasons why they are passionate about doing the right things to ensure we enjoy a successful fall on campus.

Ohio State student Katia Martinez

Katia Martinez

Operations Management

Katia is following protocols to help families stay healthy and communities to thrive.

“Even though I feel healthy, I could be asymptomatic, and I want to protect other people. I want to stay healthy and keep people like students/faculty, my roommates, friends and family protected.”

Ohio State student Davonti' Haynes

Davonti' Haynes

Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership

DaVonti’ wears a mask and practices physical distancing to protect himself and those who are more vulnerable.

“We all play a critical role in fighting COVID-19 and the more we wear our masks today, the sooner we'll be able to return to a mask-free way of living.”

Ohio State student Noor Alshafie

Noor Alshafie

International Studies

As a member of BuckeyeThon, which raises funds for and awareness of pediatric cancer, Noor is fighting childhood illnesses in every way possible.

“Children’s hospitals are on the frontlines of the pandemic and, now more than ever, these children need our help. COVID-19 has placed unprecedented stress upon families across the country, and by not following health and safety precautions, I could negatively affect the children I fundraise and fight for every day. I cannot live with that.”

Ohio State student Liz Webb

Liz Webb

Public Management, Leadership and Policy

Liz believes it is going to take a collective effort to beat COVID-19.

“It's going to be a tough semester, but every Buckeye owes it to one another to understand the severity of COVID-19 and follow health and safety protocols.”

Ohio State student Katherine Hunter

Katherine Hunter

Interior Design

An asthma sufferer, Katherine wouldn’t wish breathing troubles on anyone.

“I love visiting my grandparents, and I would hate to jeopardize their lives for my pleasure of hanging out with friends and seeing people not in my ‘COVID bubble.’ ”

Ohio State student Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin

Visual Communications Design

Sarah believes following simple protocols directly saves lives.

“You never know if the person you’re walking by is high-risk to get COVID-19 or who they interact with day-to-day. I want to go back to campus as much as everyone else, but the only way to do that safely is if we all come together and follow the guidelines set by the state, our university and the CDC.”