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Why attend Ohio State? Our alumni have the experience and the answers.

Alumni share what new students need to know when they commit to attend The Ohio State University.

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Are you looking to understand what makes Ohio State such a special university? Our alumni have the answers. They’ve been here and understand all the benefits the Ohio State experience can provide.

Scroll down for eight pieces of advice and insight our alumni shared about why you should choose Ohio State and how you can make the most of your time here.

The Ohio State Marching Band is a distinct point of pride and a huge part of the athletic gameday experience.

"If Ohio State is on your list of possibilities, then choose Ohio State – I’ve never known anyone who regretted that decision. If Ohio State is not on your list, put it on your list immediately then read this comment again!"
"Trust me, you will look back some day in the future and say one of the best decisions I ever made was to attend The Ohio State University. The doors of the world open when you attend Ohio State."
"Learn a new language and try to attend cultural exhibitions to learn about new cultures and people. Take advantage of the many, so many, opportunities that Ohio State offers in your four years and beyond. Congratulations all, and good luck!"
"Do your research on the courses you sign up for! There are so many courses with so many opportunities! You can truly learn some awesome skills that will prepare you for your careers ahead if you choose your courses carefully."

Ohio State students have more than 1,000 student organizations to choose from that offer opportunities to engage and connect.

"Get involved in campus organizations early on to connect with other students and start your journey of leadership and community engagement! Carry on the Buckeye tradition of paying forward!"
"There’s no better campus and no better place to get your degree, or if you prefer, degrees. I have always been respected for my degree from The Ohio State University."
"Embrace the culture, tradition and community. My professional advice: please take advantage of the internships. Lastly, enjoy your Buckeye experience and know Ohio State has “The Best Damn Band in The Land.”"
"Enjoy every moment and know that you have the support of Buckeye Nation behind you!"