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Starting a career during COVID

Getting that first job out of college is exciting but never easy. Throw in a pandemic and it gets super tricky. These Ohio State graduates share what it was like to find jobs, move to new cities, learn a company’s culture virtually and help people endure the many challenges of COVID-19.

February 26, 2021

Ana Hoosier ’18

Creating an NFL team’s online brand from a bedroom office.

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Matthew Bonner ’20

Fisher grad leading P&G projects from a virtual life

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Bo Tokarski ’17 ’20 PhD

Learning to adapt and finding a community prepared him for life in a new lab.

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Elizabeth Gilbert ’19

As she learns her new city, this data scientist is helping companies understand communities.

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Mary Conway ’20

Business grad helping companies find ways to survive pandemic.

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Kalyn Bash ’20

Social worker helping middle school students and families navigate pandemic challenges.

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