The Granting Process

Each year, we select three deserving programs and organizations to receive our grant funding. Through careful research, discussion, and leadership, we narrow down applicants and use the following year to learn about each of the finalists before granting funds at our annual awards celebration.

Award Allocation

How are grants awarded?

  1. Members contribute to the Women & Philanthropy fund through their annual membership investment.
  2. Throughout the year, we learn about our three grant finalists and what they hope to achieve through their program or research.
  3. Each member votes on how to divide funding by allocating 100 points across the three finalists.
  4. At our annual awards ceremony, we celebrate the finalists and award grants out of the Women & Philanthropy fund.

2020-2021 Grant Partners

Thinking Outside of the Box to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
The Ohio State University Departments of Psychology and Neuroscience

Dr. Laurence Coutellier



REACH for Commercialization
The Ohio State University Office of Research

Drs. Mary Juhas and Caroline Crisafulli



Meditation Ocean
Wexner Center for the Arts

Jennifer Lange, Dionne Custer Edwards, Johanna Burton, Hope Ginsburg



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