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For some Buckeyes, receiving a scholarship means the ability to accept a valuable internship instead of taking on a full-time job. For others, it makes it possible to complete a degree that was once on hold, or gain enriching experiences while studying abroad. These stories inspire us to continue creating pathways to an affordable, accessible education so students can pursue their passions and reach their full potential.



Scholarships were crucial to Maddie’s experiences at Ohio State. By investing in students like Maddie, you can empower them to fully pursue their passions and create vibrant futures.

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Emmanuel Adu

Emmanuel's six-year college journey was met with obstacles. But his reliance, and the support of a caring community, made for a story of success.

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Sarah Baker, DDS

Working multiple jobs made prioritizing school difficult for Sarah. Her scholarship meant she could finally focus on her studies.

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Christine Cockley

Christine's exposure to local government started with her mom. As a two-time graduate, she's living her passion and changing communities for the better.

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Emily Daum

Emily's dream was to attend Ohio State. Now she's finding ways to pay forward, inspired by the donors who support her scholarship.

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Joshua Davis

Joshua's Ohio State journey started years ago, right out of high school when he was not quite ready for college. Going back to school was a big leap of faith.

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Grace Figliomeni

Grace has a strong history of volunteerism and firmly believes in the value of a vibrant, locally owned business community. Ohio State set the stage for a career she didn’t know existed.

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The Scarlet & Gray Advantage program will empower eligible undergraduate students to graduate without debt and become active participants in their own vibrant futures, in part through increased scholarship opportunities.

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Jasdeep Kang

Jasdeep's scholarship meant he could focus on paying forward to others through volunteering and mentoring fellow students.

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Bre Luca

Bre has a passion for caring for others. Her late father's love and encouragement drives her toward her goal of becoming a pediatric oncologist.

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Jesse McAndrew

Jesse has always been drawn to helping people. Ohio State provided opportunities and changed his life in ways he could never have imagined.

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By supporting scholarships, you become an integral part of creating vibrant futures for Buckeyes through the Scarlet & Gray Advantage program.

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Samuel Morrow

As Samuel approaches graduation free of debt, he reflects on how the support of others has empowered him to make a sustainable impact on his community.

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Demondre Peak

Demondre's mentors reinforced the most valuable lesson he learned: the value of community and the importance of creating and sustaining sincere, authentic relationships.

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Grace Schroeder

Grace always knew she wanted to teach. Today, her resume is full of enriching experiences that were made more accessible because of others.

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Kendra Thomas

Scholarship support made a significant difference for Kendra and enabled her to embrace opportunities for involvement at Ohio State and pursue internships.

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Ben Traver

Ben's time in 4-H set a foundation for his interest in agriculture. Scholarship support created pathways toward a successful career, investing in his family farm and continuing his education in soil fertility and farm storage.

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