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Scholarship Impact

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Scholarship Impact

For some Buckeyes, receiving a scholarship means the ability to accept a valuable internship instead of taking on a full-time job. For others, it makes it possible to complete a degree that was once on hold, or gain enriching experiences while studying abroad.

See the impact a scholarship can have

These stories inspire us to continue creating pathways to an affordable, accessible education so students can pursue their passions and reach their full potential.

Scholarships were crucial to Maddie’s experiences at Ohio State. By investing in students like Maddie, you can empower them to fully pursue their passions and create vibrant futures.

Create pathways to an accessible, affordable education.

Make transformational impacts that change lives and empower Buckeyes to create vibrant futures. By supporting scholarships, you can make a transformational impact on the lives of students, their families and our communities.

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“I was a single-mother in college trying to juggle looking after a young child, doing my studies and working to make ends meet. There were many people and organizations along my journey who helped me, sometimes in the form of loans and other times as scholarships. I have been so fortunate and am honored that I can give back as I know there are many, many students who are in need.”

Beth Hume

Share Your Scholarship Story

We want to hear how scholarships empowered you to pursue your passion and positively change the lives of others. Every story shared reminds us of the collective impact our caring Buckeye community has on future generations.

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Scarlet & Gray Advantage

The Scarlet & Gray Advantage program will empower eligible undergraduate students to graduate without debt and become active participants in their own vibrant futures, in part through increased scholarship opportunities.