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Scarlet & Gray Advantage

woman in graduation cap and gown waves to the audience after receiving her diploma

Scarlet & Gray Advantage

The Ohio State University launched the Scarlet & Gray Advantage program with a bold goal: to offer undergraduate students an affordable pathway to earn their bachelor’s degree.

This program, which will be brought to scale over the next decade, will empower Buckeyes to control their own financial futures and prepare for success after graduation. To achieve this ambitious and meaningful goal for our Buckeyes, we welcome support from generous donors and friends who will help turn students’ dreams into realities and inspire others to do the same.

A matching program like no other

Ohio State will raise at least $800 million over the next decade to expand undergraduate scholarships.

To kick off this effort, the university and lead donors have created a matching program that will double up to $50 million in private donations (of $100,000 or more) that establish new endowments or support existing ones for scholarships. The university will also provide grant assistance.

Contact Jenny Kirby at to learn how you can get involved.

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“I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to experience things that my family was unable to imagine or even see.”

Marilyn Macario, fourth-year health and rehabilitation major
Marilyn Macario

Scholarship Story: Marilyn Macario

As a first-generation college student from Cleveland, OH, it was hard for me to picture myself in college. I was told that I needed to have good grades, but no one really explained what to expect about college or what to do in order to get in. I was so grateful to receive scholarships through the Morrill Scholarship Program and the Say Yes Scholarship, which is part of an initiative from Cleveland Public Schools. These two scholarships completely covered my tuition.

Specifically, the Morrill Scholarship Program creates a space for diversity and inclusion, giving students the opportunity to become leaders and advocates through social justice and community service.

Without both of these scholarships, I would not be where I am today. They opened doors to so many opportunities and helped me discover what my capabilities are. The Morrill Scholarship Program provided assistance in every aspect of my education journey, like tutoring, access to test banks, supplementary instruction classes and more. I had a mentor from the program who helped me adjust to everything in college, including an environment that was entirely new for me.

I was also close with my academic coach from the Say Yes Scholarship program. They were not only able to relate to my experience and help me navigate financial aid and sessions for FAFSA, but they also helped talk me through many other academic and personal questions. Being able to graduate loan-free is more than I could ever ask for, and I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to experience things that my family was unable to imagine or even see. I will remain a Buckeye for life!