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Holocron’s mission: Detect global ‘tech surprise’

Student startup uses AI to better understand the global science and technology landscape.
Ohio State student Addam Jensen at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
Addam Jensen, founding member of Holocron Technologies, at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (photo: Corey Wilson).

Student Startup: Holocron Technologies.  

Holocron Technologies is building a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform that will analyze publicly available information to detect global “tech surprise” for public and private multinational organizations.  

The President’s Buckeye Accelerator: Holocron Technologies was one of six Ohio State student startup ventures chosen for the inaugural President’s Buckeye Accelerator cohort. The yearlong program, directed by Ohio State’s Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, provides the teams with $50,000 in funding as well as mentorship, skill-building, and community to help prepare them to launch their businesses. 

Co-Founders: Holocron is a multi-university effort. Addam Jensen graduated from Ohio State in May with a degree in Information Systems. Tristan Yang recently graduated from Columbia University.

SciTech intelligence 

Addam: We’re focused on science and technology intelligence. How can we use publicly available information to create an assessment, in near real time using natural language processing, of what exactly our peers are developing and how do we compare that to where we are as a nation? We’re currently in the process of developing one of the most globally comprehensive science and technology intelligence platforms. 

Bolstering national security

Addam: One of the driving forces behind the founding of Holocron was our desire to contribute to a mission far bigger than ourselves. The U.S. government is failing to quickly integrate game-changing technologies in key capability areas which is ultimately causing us to lose our competitive advantage as a country.  

How do you bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and the Department of Defense? We’re passionate about that. We intend to be studious contributors and look to be trailblazers in the space. 

Holocron Technologies was one of six Ohio State student startup ventures chosen for the inaugural President's Buckeye Accelerator cohort.

Inspiring the next generation 

Addam: We’re developing a science and technology platform to track global tech surprise. But there’s an overarching goal to get other younger aged individuals excited about solving some of our nation’s most complex national security problems. If we can create next generation technologies and quickly deliver them to the warfighter, we have a higher probability of success in future conflict.  

It is imperative that we recruit top talent to work on our nation’s most challenging national security problems to render exceptional service in the national interest. If we can make an impact and be trailblazers in the space, that’s a huge win. 

Taking advantage of Ohio State’s entrepreneurial culture 

Addam: During my time at Ohio State, I got involved with a variety of different technology and business-related student organizations, led capstone teams, presented in Show OHI/O served as a software consultant on campus, competed in BOSS and eventually was selected to be in the inaugural cohort of the President’s Buckeye Accelerator. These experiences allowed me to develop a unique perspective which has enabled me to operate at the intersection of business and engineering. It’s an exciting time to be at the university and I encourage students get comfortable being uncomfortable, to take advantage of every opportunity they’re presented with during their time on campus. 

Ohio State continues to push the envelope in relation to its entrepreneurial programs. I believe it will soon emerge as one of the most dominant collegiate programs in the country. I have high expectations for the Keenan Center and future students that succeed me. I take pride in the work that I have done here on campus and will continue to reflect on the valuable lessons I’ve learned in the city of Columbus, Ohio. 

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