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These grads are primed to make a difference

From health care justice to entrepreneurship, these grads are building a more vibrant tomorrow.
Ohio State student Torrington Ford stands in front of a plane.
Torrington Ford, a member of the class of 2023, studied air transportation and aviation management at the Fisher College of Business.

From building their own startups to fighting for social justice, creating better health care practices and cleaning up our world, the class of 2023 is ready to fly high — in some cases, literally.  

Check out these Ohio State grads to watch and read their stories. 

Photo: Ohio State Marion

AJ Bennett

Major: Psychology (Ohio State Marion) 

As a standout basketball player, AJ experienced the incredible stress sports can put on a young person. Now, his startup is helping counsel young athletes to bolster their physical and mental approach to the sports they love.  

Read AJ’s story.  

Photo: Corey Wilson

Garrett Carder

Major: Computer and information science

As the CEO of his own startup through the Buckeye Accelerator program, Carder is improving educational and employment opportunities for blind people by addressing braille literacy.   

Read Garrett’s story.  

Photo: Logan Wallace

Larkin Cleland

Majors: Geography, Arabic and Islamic Studies.  

Since arriving at Ohio State, Larkin has started a nonprofit, studied abroad, learned multiple languages and succeeded in three majors. And all of that work is dedicated to helping people live better lives.  

Read Larkin’s story.  

Photo: Fisher College of Business

Adin Feliz

Major: Finance 

Adin’s Ohio State experience has included exploring real estate, politics, government, law and the business world. Now he hopes to further his experience in finance this summer through an internship before beginning law school where he will pursue his dream of fighting for victims in court.  

Read Adin’s story.  

Photo: Fisher College of Business

Torrington Ford

Majors: Aviation management, air transportation 

A first-year student at the age of 15, Torrington chose Ohio State to continue his lifelong passion for aviation while developing his business acumen. His long-term aspiration? His own airline.  

Read Torrington’s story.  

Photo: Logan Wallace

Lia Gomez-Perez

Major: Biomedical Engineering 

After experiencing language barriers first-hand as a child, Lia has worked to alleviate those hardships in health care. As part of her Eminence Fellowship, Lia helped start Vocalize Columbus — a free medical interpretation service.  

Read Lia’s story.  

Photo: Jodi Miller

Eve Myadze-Pike

Major: Computer Science and Engineering 

Eve’s fascination with artificial intelligence and a well-timed internship with her ‘academic hero’ have opened up a world of possibilities. 

Read Eve’s story

Photo: Jodi Miller

Mary Kate Rinderle

Major: Environmental Science with a specialization in Water Science 

Mary Kate became fully immersed in water quality efforts through an internship with H2Ohio and a research fellowship at Ohio State’s Stone Laboratory.  

Read Mary Kate’s story.  

Photo: College of Public Health

Summernickol Stewart

Major: Public Health 

Summernickol is dedicated to bringing about reproductive justice for Black women as she continues her work as a doula – a care provider to pregnant people before, during and after childbirth. She plans to train to become a midwife and eventually open a birth center — a facility that balances the comforts of birthing at home with medical resources. 

Read Summernickol’s story.  

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