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Ohio State's comprehensive plan to combat sexual misconduct and relationship violence

September 2017 Update

Ohio State has released the results of its third Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct. This 2017 study reinforces the university’s ongoing commitment to combating sexual misconduct. Results from the survey, along with data gathered over the previous two years, will be used to enhance current policies and services, and inform longer-term strategies and programs. Sexual misconduct is a national issue, and Ohio State remains dedicated to combating it in order to promote a safe and healthy campus climate for all our students and members of the university community. 

AAU Report: Combating Sexual Misconduct

The Association of American Universities (AAU) has published a report on the actions its members, including Ohio State, are taking to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct and relationship violence on their campuses. The report notes that Ohio State has administered a campus climate survey for three years in a row, beginning in 2015. It credits Ohio State with using the information to advance the work of the Buckeyes ACT program and for using the data to track progress and supplement services and support. The report says, "Surveying the campus community helps the university document campus sexual assault and sexual harassment in order to make informed decisions on how to address it."

Buckeyes ACT combines new programs with existing initiatives focusing on:

  • Action – prevention efforts and bystander intervention
  • Counseling – advocacy and support services
  • Training – awareness and prevention education


  • Primary prevention programs - Buckeyes Got Your Back
  • Created a dedicated team for investigating reports of student sexual misconduct and relationship violence on campus
  • Hiring an additional sexual violence prevention coordinator
  • Ongoing collection of data to guide action - student surveys in 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • University-wide task force including students, staff and faculty - identify best practices and explore innovative approaches to prevention and response
  • Participating member of Ohio Department of Higher Education "Changing Campus Culture" initiative



  • Ongoing awareness initiatives to promote a culture of shared respect and responsibility - "Consent is Sexy" and "It's On Us" campaigns
  • Online training for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct and relationship violence - student training, as well as faculty and staff training launched autumn 2015
  • Mandatory sexual misconduct and relationship violence training for students in first-year orientation, First Year Experience Program and Second-Year Transformational Experience Program launched for incoming class of 2016.
  • Moving forward with additional academic course work for students focused on issues related to sexual misconduct and relationship violence

Training for Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct

Online training focused on preventing and responding to sexual misconduct and relationship violence is available for students, faculty and staff. You are strongly encouraged to complete the training as soon as possible. At Ohio State, there is no place for sexual misconduct or violence of any kind. Knowing how to identify these issues, how to access support services and resources, and how to help prevent these instances are all ways you can have a positive impact on campus. More information: